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If you are a sports coach or a club looking to improve your understanding of sport psychology and how you can apply it, or you want to be more effective at developing your athletes’ skills, then get in touch to discuss tailor-made services to suit your needs.


Know an athlete, or are an athlete yourself who could do with some support to develop performance from the neck-up? Maybe it is confidence, motivation, or dealing with the everyday pressures of training and competition, or maybe you can’t put your finger on it just yet. Whatever the reason, get in contact to discuss tailor-made services to suit your needs.

Supervision & Mentoring

Looking for a supervisor for BASES Supervised Experience, or training towards a British Gymnastics coaching qualification? Get in contact to discuss different supervision and mentoring packages available to suit your needs.


Want to know about me? Here’s an overview of my background and credentials...
“Ultimately I am passionate about making people involved in sport better from the neck-up”

My passion began during my career as an International level gymnast; I was lucky enough to be exposed to one very memorable, exceptional gymnastics coach, and some inspirational academics in the areas of Applied Sport Psychology and Coaching Science. With a keen interest in pursuing a career in these areas, I went on to spend the last decade gaining relevant qualifications and an enormous amount of experience across a range of sports and competitive levels. Over this time I have experienced a transformation in my perception of what I do, no longer considering it work, but instead part of me. Ultimately I am passionate about making people involved in sport better from the neck-up. By utilising a person-centred approach, which begins with an assessment of your needs as an individual or team, I will provide tailor-made services, aimed to address these requirements

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